How it works

Flexible and Simple

There's no rigidity to the way I work. If you choose to work with me you will be dealing with a real person, not an algorithm or automated system, this allows for flexibility. Feel free to simply contact me for a chat about your needs, I do my best to keep things simple, friendly and informal.

With that said, I have outlined the way things generally work below, use it as a guideline and an introduction to how things could go when working with me.

  • Let's Connect

    The first step to having me mix and master your music is making the first contact. Whether through this site, by e-mail, Facebook or Instagram, I am easily reached. From there we can discuss your needs, and if you choose to work with me I will guide you through the process of sending your files along with payment and delivery details.

    I Get To Work

    After receiving your files, I start by listening to your song and identifying what needs to be done. I then start with the editing stage, which includes (where necessary!) - cleaning up of audio files, applying fades, and time alignment of things like backing vocals. Once everything is tidy, I will start to adjust levels and apply EQ, compression and other processing where necessary to achieve balance, focus and clarity. It is my job to use my taste and experience to add something - some spice, some flavour, and therefore I like to get creative with my mixes. I will add reverbs, delays, distortions and other effects where I see fit. After much fine tuning of the mix, I move on to mastering. My aim with this stage is to not only bring your song up to a competitive loudness level, but to also address the overall tonal balance with equalisation and spacial effect processing - again, this is only where necessary.

  • Sending Files

    Once we have discussed your needs and agreed on things like price and timescale, you will need to get your files to me. There are many ways of doing this, but I usually recommend that you contain all of the necessary files in a ZIP, and send via file transferring websites such as Dropbox or WeTransfer. If there are any issues with what you have sent me I will let you know once I download your files.

    Delivery & Payment

    Once I am happy with my work, I will send you an MP3 version of your song by e-mail for you to approve. This is your chance to suggest any changes and/or approve or disapprove of any of my touches. Any revisions needed are usually done within 24 hours and a new MP3 will be sent to you. Once we agree on a final version I will send you a PayPal invoice for the agreed amount to be paid by you. Once thid is paid I will then send you the high quality WAV and 320kbps MP3 versions of your song or songs. I keep your files for 6 months (unless instructed otherwise) in case any future changes or bounces are requested by you - note these may incur extra charges.

    Take this page as a template for how things could go, but keep in mind that things are not set in stone and I am only an e-mail or Skype call away at any time throughout the process.

Please read the FAQ page and Terms & Conditions of my service here if you have further questions.